Choosing A Suitable Rental Car For Maui

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gls55 holdings | November 16, 2019


Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, is a very lovely travel destination with lots of attractions to explore, so sometimes it is necessary to rent a car to make movement from one point to the other easier for you.


If you are visiting Maui for the first time, you will be shocked by the pace of cars on the road. This is because the speed limit is 55 mph, with most of the roads having a slower speed falling between 25 and 45 mph. With this in mind, how do you rent a car? How does car rental on Maui work? Read on to find out some helpful tips.


What type of car should I rent on Maui?


When renting a car on Maui, you’ll come across various companies and different types of cars to choose from, and the more popular rental cars you’ll see on the road will include Jeeps, PT Cruisers and Mustangs.


If you are visiting with your family and have little kids, then it is recommended that you rent a PT cruiser. This is necessary as you don’t want them bouncing off when you are driving a convertible but aren’t watching them. 


To get a fuller experience on Maui roads, a convertible Mustang is the ideal choice. This is also a great option if you plan cruising to the east side or moving up country as you’ll want the top to be kept open. 


Jeeps are another great option, but if your aim of hiring one is for off-roading, then you have to reconsider because most of the rental agencies in Maui don’t support such arrangements. However, a new lifted jeep is a wise choice if your trip will cover destinations that have rough topography like the backside from Hana or if you are travelling to La Perouse. 


Car Rental Tips For Maui


To get the best prices and have a smooth ride the following car rental tips will be of help:


Book in advance


A very big mistake to make is booking just a day or few days before the trip. If you do so, there are high chances that you won’t get the particular car you want, and even if you do, the price would be a bit outrageous! To avoid all these, make sure you book way ahead of time.


Inspect the car


Don’t just zoom off, after renting, ensure that the car is in good condition before driving. Sometimes, maybe in the middle of your trip or just at the end, you would be shocked to find out that the car has a scratch or a dent and begin to wonder when it happened. It could be that you were handed the car in such condition but because you didn’t inspect before driving off, they could charge you for a damage you didn’t cause.


Valuables shouldn’t be left in the car


Keep your valuables at your rented apartment or resort, and even if you must take them with you, don’t leave them in the car. Though there is little criminal report in Maui, you should not take chances by leaving your valuables in the car. 


Final words on a car rental for Maui


You’ll definitely enjoy your stay on Maui, an attractive vacation spot and tourist destination in Hawaii. Renting a car is quite often a necessity, hence you should follow the tips listed here for the best car rental possible for your next holiday adventure on Maui.


Enjoy your stay!