Do's and Do Not's For Cheap Airfare To The Canary Islands

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gls55 holdings | January 15, 2020


Airfare to the Canary Islands is a topic worthy of discussion as lots of tourists flock to this awesome destination to explore this group of wonderful natural islands that make up the Canary Islands. The cost of flying to the Canary Islands alone can eat up your travel budget and count for most of your expenses, so why don’t you look for cheap flight options and discounts?


A popular vacation destination, the Canary Islands, has got you covered with lots of vast beaches, lush vegetation, mountains, and other tourist attractions to make any vacation a notable experience. With the cost of a flight to Canary Islands, these beautiful experiences could be very expensive. Flying to the islands shouldn’t consume your budget, hence this post will help you find the best airfare to the Spanish islands called Canary Islands. 


Best time to fly to Canary Islands


Flying to Canary Islands is noticeably cheap in the month of November, but very expensive in December. Actually, the prices fluctuate and depends on certain factors which will be discussed later.


Before booking a flight to Canary Islands, have it in mind that the 7 main islands all have one principal airport each, except for Tenerife that has two airports, one in the north and the other southwards. In addition, note that the two most occupied period on the islands are in the months of December through February with many older tourists flocking the islands. The second busiest season starts from May through October, and this is the period that families and younger folks troop the islands.


If you are looking for a very cheap flight, then consider booking in the months of November, March and April. These months are less busy, having the lowest number of tourists visiting the islands. 


Airfare Canary Islands - Tips for finding cheap flights


Flying to the Canary Islands can take a longer flight time, but this depends on where you are flying in from. If your flight is from Los Angeles it can take up to 12 hours to get to the islands. Airfare from New York tends to be a bit shorter, about 7 hours. 


To get the best rate it is advisable to book ahead, at least three months before your takeoff. The months of March through the first week of May are cheap too, so you should plan accordingly.


Canary Islands is known for its colorful carnival which holds in the month of February, and this makes airfare Canary Islands skyrocket.


Also, it is important to note that citizens of US don’t need a tourist visa in order to fly to the Canary Island, provided they don’t plan to stay over 90 days.


Looking for a day that flights are cheapest? If yes, then consider booking on a Friday, but avoid booking on Tuesdays as they are very busy and likely expensive. For the time of the day, morning flights are likely to offer the cheapest airfare, while the price begins to climb from noon.


Cheap Airfare To The Canary Islands


Flying to Canary Islands is an awesome adventure, and you should get cheap tickets to any of the 7 top island that makes up the Canary Islands. There are lots of cheap airfare for the flight of your choice, so compare prices and book a cheap flight to Canary Islands today,